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Support and care options

As you get older or live with a long term health condition or disability, it can become harder to live independently and safely, and complete everyday tasks.

There are things that you can do to help yourself and get the support you need to remain independent. However if you do think you might need some additional support you can contact Herefordshire Council and talk to someone, see below for details of the options available to help keep you safe and well and living independently.

It is important to keep yourself well to help maintain your independence. Everyone’s mental health and wellbeing matters and there is lots of information, advice and guidance to help keep yourself well and living as independently as possible.

Many people are able to stay in their own homes for most or all of their lives by getting the correct help and support in the home.
There are often options available to you that will allow you to make changes to your home or to how you do things that will make your home more suitable for your changing needs and help you live safely and independently.

Visit our support yourself at home section for information about some of the things you can do to help you round the home.

There may be equipment or technology available to help you with some daily living tasks, or you may want to consider adapting your home.

Find out more by visiting our
equipment, adaptations and technology section.

It is also important to ensure you are getting all the right benefits. Visit Herefordshire Council’s BetterOff website, which is an online service that will show you the benefits you are entitled to and will help you to apply for them online.

Getting involved in local groups and activities can help you stay healthy for longer, remain independent and enjoy life more.  You may also want to try volunteering.

Take a look at our being active page for information, advice and signposting to local and national organisations.

To see what's available in your local area, take a look at our services and groups directory or what's on calendar.  

You may be able to organise some extra help and support through relatives, friends or neighbours, don’t be afraid to ask.

Visit our services and groups directory for details of local organisations that may be able to help you.

If you are on your own and feeling lonely, visit our loneliness and isolation page for details of organisations that may be able to provide support.

If you are finding it increasingly difficult to manage independently and you think you might need a bit of extra help, contact Herefordshire Council’s Advice and Referral Team.

The council will listen to you to understand your circumstances and find out if you need support and care to live independently in your community. If you need further help they will listen to what it is you want to achieve, they will consider your strengths, abilities and the support around you that can help you live your life as you want to. They will help you to find support from the community and professional care if this is what you need.

There is further information on how to get care and support, including information about eligibility, requesting a care assessment and paying for care on Herefordshire Council's website.

You can contact the council's Advice and Referral Team on 01432 260101 or

If you are concerned about someone and their ability to care for themselves or a loved one, please contact Herefordshire Council.

If you do not feel confident or able to make decisions about your care and support, there is help available. Please visit our advocacy page for further information.

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