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What is advocacy?  It's basically support from someone else (an advocate) to help you express your views or wishes and to make sure your voice is heard.  You may need help to speak for yourself in formal situations or when you don't feel very confident about speaking.

An advocate isn't necessarily a paid professional, they're often family members or friends.

If you receive care and support from Herefordshire Council, you're entitled to be involved in any decisions around how your needs will be met and what outcomes you want to achieve.  If you don't have an advocate to support you, the council has a duty to appoint an independent advocate to represent you and ensure you are involved as much as possible.

If an enquiry is made about your safety and any protection needed from abuse or neglect, you must also be involved and supported.

Local support

Hear Me is the advocacy service for children and young people in Herefordshire, if you're in foster care or need protection.  The service is confidential and independent and hosted by Herefordshire Council.
    01432 383113  •
Onside is a local charity working across Herefordshire and Worcestershire to provide a range of different services, including independent advocacy support.
    01905 27525  •

National support

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) is a national charity supporting children, vulnerable adults, parents and carers to be heard through the provision of confidential advice, information and representation.

0808 808 1001  •

The NHS also has some useful information about advocacy and available services.

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