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Measles is currently circulating in the West Midlands

01 February 2024

There are especially high numbers of measles cases currently spreading across the West Midlands.

Unvaccinated children and adults are the most affected, with a significant proportion having to go to hospital.
Two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, via your GP practice, offers the maximum protection for children and adults. It’s never too late to get the jabs if you’ve missed one or both. Check your child’s Red Book to see if they’ve received MMR vaccinations as scheduled, or check with your GP surgery if you’re unsure.

Measles is likely to continue to spread rapidly unless more people are vaccinated urgently. Join the more than 9 out of every 10 Herefordshire residents who have protected themselves through vaccination so far.

To help contain the spread and protect yourself, family and community we ask you to:

  • Check your family’s MMR vaccine status and act urgently if anyone is missing one or both jabs – contact your GP practice to arrange a catch up
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of measles
  • Symptoms of measles appear 7-10 days after contact with the virus and include:
    • Cold-like symptoms such as runny or blocked nose, sneezing and cough
    • Red, sore, watery eyes
    • High temperature (fever), which may reach around 40OC / 104OF
    • A non-itchy, red-brown rash usually appears 3-5 days later (sometimes starts around the ears before spreading to rest of the body), spots may be raised and join to form blotchy patches – which may be harder to see on darker skin tones
    • small white spots may appear inside cheeks and the back of lips (for a few days)
  • If you suspect that you, or your child, could have measles it is important that you reduce the risk of passing it to others by staying at home and calling your GP or NHS 111 for advice
  • If you do need to visit your GP practice, walk-in centre or other healthcare setting, please phone ahead so arrangements can be made to reduce the spread.

If your family avoids pork, a MMR vaccine is available that does not contain any pork products. Contact your GP Practice to request this.

More information about measles and the MMR vaccine can be found on the NHS website

If you run a community group or organisation you can help raise awareness by displaying materials in reception or other prominent locations: 

  • Download and order (free of charge) copies of the Measles: don’t let your child catch it flyer. Translated versions of the flyer are available to download in a variety of languages.
  • Download, order (free of charge) and share copies of the MMR for all leaflet – use product code 22PSC34EN to order this leaflet


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