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Local theatre helps children to enjoy drama

26 April 2019





Have you heard of Shine Theatre in Hereford?  They use drama and storytelling to help children aged nought to four years old thrive and grow in confidence, creativity and inquisitiveness in a fun and playful way.

WISH had a quick chat with Shine Theatre’s Annie Ridgway and this is what she told us: “I’m a qualified drama teacher and it was after having my third child that I decided to use my talents and start my own drama business teaching drama to toddlers.  One day my hope is to expand my business to include children of all ages.  I’m a friendly, kind and outgoing person, who enjoys making children laugh while they learn.

“Shine Theatre is designed to help children take their first steps into drama and we run two different sessions.  The drama session is for toddlers (aged approximately two and a half to four years old) and focuses on learning basic drama techniques using teacher in role, dramatic role-play, props, music and games.  The storytelling drama is for children aged nought to four years old and is a more interactive storytelling experience using sensory props, songs, rhymes, creative movement and repetition.  In both sessions, we use a combination of music, dance and drama to give children a fully inclusive approach to learning.

“Drama and storytelling are great for helping children to develop confidence, problem solving skills, listening skills, co-operation, social and emotional literacy.  Our drama sessions help children to learn turn taking, handling props, new vocabulary and concepts, along with having lots of fun and making new friends along the way.

“One of our parents summed up what we do best…

"I've been to both the classes that Annie runs now and I can't praise her enough.  I've tried a few different classes in Hereford for both my three year old and four month old, but the Shine Theatre classes are by far the best, and somewhere I can take them to together and that they both enjoy.  Annie is so inventive and imaginative, she incorporates so many different activities from role-play, games, dancing and sensory.  I have just as much fun attending the classes as the children do!  I'm really pleased to have found Shine Theatre and we look forward to it every week."

“If you’d like to know more about what we do at Shine Theatre, we’d love to hear from you.”

To find out more, contact Annie at, visit or follow @annieshinetheatre on Facebook and Instagram.

Children enjoying a drama session with Annie in February 2019.

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