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Knit your own Snuggle Bear fidget toy!

20 May 2019







We’ve already introduced you to the amazing world of Twiddlemuffs, now it’s time to have a go at knitting a Snuggle Bear fidget toy!

Snuggle Bears are designed to reduce anxiety and ease restlessness for people living with dementia.  As dementia develops, people often become more restless or fidgety and, in some cases, fidget toys or Twiddlemuffs can be a helpful way to make them feel more relaxed and give them something to do with their hands.

The Snuggle Bear was created by Fiona Crouch, after her mother-in-law developed dementia, with the aim of it becoming ‘a companion, someone to chat to and a distraction from anxiety, fear or pain’.  Read Fiona’s full story on the Alzheimer’s Society website.

As part of Dementia Action Week, why not have a go at knitting a Snuggle Bear for someone you know to help them live well with dementia.

How to make a Snuggle Bear


  • 4mm knitting needles
  • A small amount of double knit wool
  • Black / different coloured wool for eyes, nose and mouth
  • A sewing needle
  • Toy stuffing


Head and body

  • Cast on 12 stitches
  • Knit 12 rows
  • Knit 2 stitches, knit 2 stitches together, bring the wool forward then knit to the last 5 stitches, knit 2 stitches together, bring the wool forward again and knit to the end of the row (making simple buttonholes)
  • Knit 1 row to finish the buttonhole structures
  • Knit 12 rows and then move onto the legs


  • Working on the first 6 stitches only, slip the remaining 6 stitches onto a stitch holder
  • Knit 6 rows
  • Increase into every other stitch (so you have 9 stitches)
  • Knit 5 rows
  • To finish the legs, break the wool and sew through loops to make feet
  • Repeat with the other remaining 6 stitches to make the other leg


  • Cast on 24 stitches
  • Knit 6 rows
  • Cast off

Finishing and decoration

  • Sew the arms along the long seam, using a whip stitch and put to one side
  • Sew the legs up to the body (this one piece makes the head, body and legs)
  • Sew the body with the seam at the back up to the buttonholes
  • Thread the arms through the buttonholes, sewing the ends together, and secure them in place by stitching each arm onto the buttonhole
  • Lightly stuff the body, but leave the legs unstuffed
  • Continue sewing up to the top of the head and again lightly stuff
  • Sew along the top of the head and make little ears by sewing triangles into the corners
  • Embroider the eyes, nose and mouth using black or a different coloured wool

You can also download a copy of the Snuggle Bear pattern to keep in your knitting bag!

Download your Snuggle Bear pattern today!

Photos: © Fiona Crouch / Alzheimer's Society

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