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And the winner is…

27 March 2019

David Price Award 2019

The winner of the David Price Award 2019 was announced today (Wednesday 27 March) at a ceremony in Hereford.

Graham Downing, who works for Services for Independent Living (SIL) in Leominster, was the very worthy recipient of this year’s award for his outstanding commitment to care.

WISH was delighted to attend the ceremony, where Graham told us: “It’s a privilege to receive this award, especially when I’m only doing my job.  I love my job and it’s an honour to be able to help people.  I actually feel really guilty to have won the award, when so many other people do so much too.”

Euan McPherson, SIL’s Chief Executive, said: “It’s a fantastic award which recognises the hard work people do on a daily basis.  It's a real vocation for the people who work in social care and they regularly go the extra mile to help people.  Graham’s an excellent example of this, in that he really sees the person he’s helping as an individual and so often helps out in his own time.  The feedback we receive about Graham is that he's absolutely fantastic; he even once helped build a small railway for someone in his spare time, as he knew this person loved trains!”

Stephen Vickers, Herefordshire Council’s Director for Adults and Communities, said: “I’m humbled by the stories I’ve heard about Graham and the work he does.  It's therefore a fitting tribute that he receives this worthwhile award and I’d like to thank him on behalf of the council and Herefordshire’s residents for everything he does.”

The David Price Award recognises an individual who has helped change the life of an adult or adults in Herefordshire and is in memory of David Price, who sadly passed away in May 2016.  David, who was diagnosed with a hereditary condition as a teenager which causes multiple benign tumours on the skin, brain, spine and internal organs, was an active member of the county's Making it Real Group.  The group is the voice of people who experience adult social care in Herefordshire and the annual award commemorates David's valuable contribution.

Congratulations Graham!

Left to right: Sylvie Nicholls (Making it Real Group), Graham Downing, Christine Price and Stephen Vickers (Herefordshire Council).

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