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Preparing meals

If you are experiencing difficulty preparing meals there are things you can do that may help, for example:

  • Using scissors or kitchen shears can be easier for cutting some types of food such as herbs or bacon rind.
  • Using a coloured chopping board which provides contrast to the food colour may be helpful if you have low vision.
  • Pre-sliced, chopped or frozen food can be a good alternative to fresh food, but can be hard to open depending on the packaging type.
  • Consider whether you can avoid having to peel vegetables by cooking them in their skins.
  • Put the items you use every day within easy reach to avoid having to stretch or stand on stools to reach them.
  • Ensure that your cooker is at the right height for you so you don't have to stretch over hot items.
  • Use a wire basket to cook vegetables in the pan so you can remove it from hot water without tipping the pan.


If you are experiencing difficulty with eating and drinking, preparing food or shopping there may be equipment available to assist with a variety of these tasks. For more information visit the Daily living equipment section of this website. 

Or you can visit the AskSARA website where you can find useful advice and products that make daily living easier.

You may also need to consider adapting your home, go to the Adapting your home section of this website for more details.

Healthy eating

For information about maintaining a healthy diet, please go to the Healthy eating section of this website.


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