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Bereavement support for children and young people

Trying to rebuild your life after a loved one has passed away, is hard for everyone, but it's especially hard for children and young people.  They can often feel confused, fearful and anxious when they're grieving, which needs to be addressed if they're to be able to move into adulthood with a sense of confidence and long lasting happiness.

There are a number of different groups and organisations, both locally and nationally, which provide support for bereaved children and young people.

Local support 

Hope Again is run by Cruse Bereavement Care and has been created by young people, for young people.  It's a safe place where you can learn how to cope with grief and feel less alone.

     ➡ 0808 808 1677  •  Online chat

Hope Support Services support anyone aged 11 to 25 when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  They offer youth sessions, trips and activities where young people can meet others their own age, who are going through similar situations.

     ➡ 01989 566317  •

Phoenix Bereavement Support Services is a specialist service for children and young people aged 5 to 25, and their families, who have lost a loved one.  They offer information, advice, guidance and reassurance to families and the professionals working with them, along with different support programmes, such as family and group sessions, 1-2-1 support from a specialist grief counsellor and social events.

     ➡ 01432 264555  •

The CLD Trust is a youth counselling service for children and young people aged 9 to 21 years old, who are experiencing mental, social, emotional or behavioural concerns due to a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, depression or bereavement.

     ➡ 01432 269245  •

National support

Child Bereavement UK support families when a baby or child dies or when a child is bereaved.

     ➡ 0800 028 8840  •

Childline provide information and advice, alongside a confidential telephone counselling service, for any child with any problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

     ➡ 0800 11 11

Grief Encounter offer a number of different support services for bereaved children and young people, including a confidential helpline, counselling via e-mail or Skype and family programmes.

     ➡ 0808 802 0111  •

Winston’s Wish support children and young people after the death of a parent or sibling.  They offer a free helpline, online chat, e-mail support and face to face therapeutic sessions.

     ➡ 0808 802 0021

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