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Module 4: Summary

A mother and young daughter using a yellow tablet together


Now you've completed your MECC e-learning, how confident do you feel about encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle changes?  Do you feel very confident, somewhat confident or not at all confident?

You might find it difficult to raise a lifestyle issue with someone else, if you smoke, drink a bit too much, eat an unhealthy diet, don't exercise enough or have emotional problems yourself.  However, if you don't discuss lifestyle issues when they arise during day to day interactions, you're missing out on a great opportunity to give people the chance and choice to think about what they're doing and whether they want to make any changes.

If you do discuss lifestyle issues, that person may really appreciate your encouragement and support to make a change they might have been considering for some time.  As a result of that conversation, they may even live longer and healthier!

Over the next few days and weeks, look and listen for opportunities were it may be appropriate to discuss a lifestyle issue.  Remember....take it gently, send out the right signals and act on the response you get.


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