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Stopping smoking: Key messages

It's important to remember the following five points, when giving advice on stopping smoking:
  • It's never too late to think about stopping smoking.  It's one of the best things someone can do for their health and will help them live longer, have more energy and breathe easier (it also saves a lot of money!)

  • There's a range of products available which can help people better cope with withdrawal symptoms

  • If you stop smoking, it also benefits the health of those around you

  • You will feel less stressed, have younger looking skin and whiter teeth

  • If you stop smoking when you're pregnant, you will be protecting your baby from the harmful effects of smoking.  There's also a local Stop Smoking Service available for pregnant women, which your GP or midwife can refer you to for additional support

How to give advice...

A bad example

A good example

Additional information

Take a look at the stop smoking page on the Talk Community Directory, where you can also download a copy of the quitting smoking leaflet.


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