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Landline and telecare changes


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The landline network you use to make telephone calls is changing. Providers are switching from existing analogue lines to new digital lines. When the switch has been made, all telephone calls will be made through the internet. So, you will need to attach your handset to your internet to make calls in the future.

When will this happen?

The switch to digital has already begun. It will be completed in 2025. Please don’t worry if you don’t have the internet at home. Your provider will talk you through the change. 

Will this affect how I make calls?

When the switch to digital is made, your current telephone may no longer work. It all depends on the equipment you have. Your provider will give you more information about this when, or before, your service is switched to digital. 

When will I move to a digital line?

We don’t know exactly when each household will be switched to digital between now and 2025. Your provider will be in touch with you when your phone line is being switched.

Do you have a telecare service?

If you or your loved one use a pendant alarm you need to do something extra.

If you have a telecare service (also known as a lifeline or pendant alarm) from Herefordshire Council you will already have received instructions. If you need further advice, please contact our helpful team on 01432 260101.

If your telecare service is provided by a company other than Herefordshire Council, you need to make contact with them to check your equipment is digitally compatible. 

Can I do anything to support the switch?

Yes. If you are a telecare user, contact your provider and let them know you are a ‘vulnerable customer’. This means you need additional consideration when they switch your line. They should give you time to make arrangements to get alternative equipment before changing the line to digital.

Contact details of many of the large providers

BT                                     0800 800 150
Virgin                                 0345 454 1111
Talk Talk                           0345 172 0088
EE                                     0800 956 6000
Vodaphone                        03333 040191
Sky (accessibility team)     03442 410 333

Will I have to pay any more?

Only your call provider can tell you this. Ask them when you make contact. If you get certain benefits, you may qualify for special pricing. More information can be found from Ofcom.

Visit the following websites for further information:




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