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Direct payments


Direct payments can help you have more choice over how you live your life.

Direct payments are sums of money paid to you from Herefordshire Council, so you can sort out and pay for the care and support in your support plan.


What can direct payments be used for?

Direct payments can be used to help you pay for any of the things below, if they are in your support plan:

  • Pay people to support you at home
  • Join a club
  • Take a break
  • Go on a course or go to college
  • Go to work

What can direct payments not be used for?

Direct payments cannot be used to pay for:

  • Household bills
  • Services from the council
  • Housing
  • Paying a relative who lives with you
  • Health services
  • Long term residential care

How do you get a direct payment?

You will need to have an assessment from Herefordshire Council, to see what care and support you might need.  This assessment is used to create a support plan for you.

Find out how to get an assessment on Herefordshire Council's website.


Paying for support

You can pay for your support with a direct payment card.  You will need to keep a record of what you spend.

If you don't want a direct payment card, you will need to have a bank account. 

You can find out more about direct payments on Herefordshire Council's website.


Who to talk to?

You can talk to Herefordshire Council about...

Assessments: 01432 260101

Direct payments: 01432 260060

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