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Letting off steam

All children need ways to move and act physically which can help avoid a build-up of energy or frustration.  Here are some ideas for experiences that will provide children with opportunities for letting off steam safely and enjoyably:

  • Wet sponges to throw against an outdoor wall or fence.
  • Small paint covered sponges for use on large sheets of paper on the floor or an outdoor wall.
  • Small plant spray bottles or shampoo bottles filled with water for squirting.
  • Large cushions for squashing, jumping, punching and kicking.  It can be very satisfying for children if you hold the cushion up and let them run at it!
  • Old magazines or newspapers for tearing or ripping.
  • Wet towels to twist and squeeze.               
  • Digging in the garden or sand.
  • Large thick cotton rope for playing tug of war.
  • Fly swats for hitting a wall.
  • Containers for pouring water.
  • A hose to spray.
  • Skittles or a pile of cardboard boxes to knock down.
  • An old sheet to hang on a line to run through.
  • Playdough and clay.
  • Giant rollers full of water to roll across the outdoor space.


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