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Can you make a difference to a child's life?

Can you make a difference to a child's life?

Fostering provides support for children and young people who cannot currently live with their own families.

It comes in many forms, from long term placements to short emergency stays.  Your loving home gives children the stability they need to become the person they want to be.

Fostering is a challenging, but rewarding, experience.  You'll be fully trained, supported, and receive a competitive financial package. 

Our mission is to place children with Herefordshire families that best reflect their background and culture and are near to their own families, schools and communities. We need people like you to become foster carers and help to create good futures for Herefordshire’s children in care.


  • Providing short breaks for children with disabilities
  • Support a 16+ care-experiences young adult and teaching them life skills, such as cooking, laundry and budgeting
  • Therapeutic foster caring for children with complex challenges and behaviours 
  • Offering a home to an unaccompanied asylum seeking child
  • Long or short-term fostering of young people up to age 18
  • Parent and child fostering to assist new parents
  • Fostering sibling groups to keep families together
  • Short-term respite fostering to assist other carers
You can, if 

  • You're over 21 (there's no upper age limit)
  • You have some experience of children and / or young people
  • You're single, married or living with a partner of either gender
  • You have a healthy lifestyle
  • You have the drive to make a difference
  • You're willing to train and develop as a foster carer
As a Herefordshire Council foster carer, you'll 
  • Improve the lives of Herefordshire's young people everyday
  • Receive comprehensive local training and 24 hour support
  • Get an excellent allowance to cover all costs
  • Be assigned your own dedicated social worker for support
  • Have respite breaks to safeguard your wellbeing

To find out more about fostering in Herefordshire, take a look at Herefordshire Council's website  or contact the Fostering Team on 01432 383240 or



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