Providing a support buddy for an elderly couple in isolation

An elderly couple contacted the Talk Community helpline requesting urgent support for a prescription needing collection. Due to the urgency of needing the medication, and the fact that the link worker was already working in that area, the link worker was able to respond quickly and collect the prescription for the couple.


When dropping off the prescription, this allowed the link worker to enquire about support going forwards, and what the couple felt they would need. It was established that prescriptions would be needed on a more regular basis throughout lockdown due to shielding, and possibly they may need more support with shopping for essential items.  Family members had set up online shopping for them, but there was a need for local support if they ‘ran out’ of anything and needed someone to pop out to get supplies.


Due to additional needs, the link worker suggested to the couple that they be linked with a ‘buddy’.  A volunteer was identified and has been in touch with the couple on a regular basis and has been able to keep a check on them, offering shopping and prescription collections when needed. This has enabled the couple to receive valuable support throughout the pandemic.