Meet our volunteer vaccinators: Lynda Whittle

Lynda was born in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Previously a nurse and care home manager, she moved to Whitchurch from Cambridgeshire with her husband David 5 years ago to run a B&B and holiday cottages. For the past 2 years, David has been renovating an old cottage in Galway Hill and they moved into it just before Christmas.

Due to the pandemic, Lynda hasn’t been able to run her hospitality business properly for the past year and the has missed engaging with people. However, it has enabled her to do more of the things she enjoys such as gardening and growing vegetables.

Past volunteer work

Lynda has volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Society, attending ‘music and memories’ singalongs. When she could afford the time around her business, she also helped out at a café In Pontrilas which runs a lunch club for older people.

“I desperately wanted to volunteer as soon as we went into lockdown. All the villages are really well set up within their village network. You try to hold your hand up and say ‘I’d like to help’ but actually, they are so well organised that they don’t need any more help. I think it was mid to end of summer last year when I searched for Herefordshire Council volunteers and registered.”

Car park marshall work

Lynda has volunteered 4 times at Saxon Hall Vaccination Centre. She normally gets an email from Nicola at hvoss who outlines the available shifts. Lynda then specifies which ones she can do.

“It was brilliant. I loved it, enjoyed it. It’s been so lovely and it’s so uplifting. You just feel the sense of being part of something… It’s like a well-oiled machine because whatever part you play in the vaccination process, without each little cog, each little thing, it would fall down. All the people that have had their jabs, they come out and they’re so thrilled its fabulous.”

“I’ve been very impressed. It runs like clockwork. Everybody is so happy to have you there it’s not about ‘oh look at me aren’t I wonderful?’ it’s just a sense of being able to offer something.”