Kindness Story: Angie Vincent supports the Golden Oldies

Parish Councillor, Angie Vincent is the lead volunteer of the Kingstone-based community group “Golden Oldies”, which has been running trips, bingo nights and Sunday lunch club at Kingstone Village Hall for over 3 years. At the start of the pandemic, Angie and a small group of volunteers sprang into action baking cakes and scones for those vulnerable people that suddenly found themselves confined to their homes and unable to engage in the normal activities.


A conversation with the Talk Community link worker posed the possibility of funding that could sustain the cake making and doorstep conversations which were keeping so many people’s hopes up. Angie was inspired and, being the kind hearted individual that she is, she decided to use the Village Hall Kitchen to cook over 50 Sunday lunches each week. She expanded her team of volunteers and they became the delivery team.

The Golden Oldies, with the Support of the Village Hall Committee, received funding from Herefordshire Community foundation to cook meals for 3 months. Since then they have received generous private and grant-based funding – supermarkets, local businesses and Herefordshire Council have all supported them. This has allowed the group to continue delivering a Sunday lunch each week and a doorstep chat to over 50 residents, and break the loneliness of the winter lockdown.

Angie is an inspiration to many people, her joy and kindness have impacted her volunteers and the lives of every individual that has been provided with food and a chat.  Herefordshire is very proud to have people like Angie who bridge the gaps and really do create community.