Good news story: Putson Baptist Church donates emergency food boxes

Putson Baptist Church has been providing emergency food boxes to residents in South Wye for the last 12 months. In total they have distributed more than 1200 food boxes to families and individuals.


They have currently raised over £10,000 in order to be able to do this. This includes receiving grants from the Local Authority and Herefordshire Community Foundation, as well setting up their own appeal.


Each box costs around £30.00 to prepare and contains essential and fresh food items that will last for around a week.

They are now handing out 40–45 boxes a week. The majority of referrals are received from primary schools located in the South City. However there have also received referrals from GPs and the Local Authority.

Putson Baptist Work has demonstrated great partnership, collaborating with Challenge Community Church to help meet demand. They have connected to St Martin’s Church, who are operating a FoodShare drop in, and if there is a surplus they will donate this to Putson. This has also led to a connection with Ludlow Food Bank and they have been able to make use of surplus food and reduce food waste.

The Church launched as a Talk Community Hub in January and has shown great versatility in adapting to a virtual model.  Currently offering information, guidance and signposting via the Church phoneline and email.

They have also been successful in receiving a grant from The Local Connections Fund from the National Lottery, this has enabled them to purchase digital equipment and they have had to come up with imaginative ways to get new events to tackle this young and old, including a Zoom Parent and Toddler session, Men’s Curry Night and a Virtual Pamper Evening.  Each event will have a Talk Community Hub session attached to it and a volunteer available for information, guidance and signposting,

Putson Baptist Church continues to apply for funding in order to ensure it is able to continue the work it has started and develop new projects to meet the need.