Meet our litter picking champion: Giles Stokes

Have you ever wanted to get involved in litter picking?

Take a look at Giles’ story for inspiration.


Giles started litter picking ten years ago, by clearing his local park, so his children had somewhere clean and safe to play when they were young.


He now regularly clears away litter in parks, his local neighbourhood and beyond, so his family and local community have somewhere pleasant to live and play.


Giles told Talk Community:

“I’m not alone. There are many litter pickers in our local group and we’re helping to stop litter getting into the land, our rivers and ultimately the sea, all of which affect planet earth. It’s important to preserve where we all live for current and future generations”.

If you want to be a litter picking hero, find out more on Herefordshire Council’s Stop the Drop website.

Litter collected during one of Giles' regular litter picking sessions