Talk Community is bringing Herefordshire together.

We want our residents, businesses, community leaders and council to all play their part, to make Herefordshire a better place to live and work.

From little acts of kindness, like looking out for your neighbours, or volunteer-run community hubs across the county, offering information and signposting, to partnerships with the police and NHS. Our communities truly are the beating heart of Herefordshire.

Could you give an hour?

Take our short quiz below to find inspiration for how you could give an hour to volunteer in your community

If you can give more than an hour (that’s even better!), take a look at some of the opportunities we have on our Give an hour page.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of options available, using your social media and marketing skills, becoming a buddy, helping out at local Hospice shops and many many more!

There’s something for everyone!

Don’t forget to keeping popping back, as we’ll be adding more opportunities and ideas for you!


(Yes, even you!)